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Unfortunately, online dating scams are rather widespread. However, it is possible to avoid getting scammed if you know what to do and how to find a fraudulent account. In this article, we are going to tell you what dating sites scams are, how to avoid getting scammed, as well as a list of the most common examples of mail order brides site scams.

What is a dating site scam?

A dating scam is a practice to get your money or personal information online. Most scams happen on fake online dating sites and mail order brides platforms, but some real and legit websites can have fake accounts and scammers.

First, the whole site could be fake. In this scenario, every single action you make on a site won’t have any results to help you find a date online. Second, you may use a proper online dating site and simply communicate with a scammer. Most of the time, scammers would try to get you to send them money. Less commonly, they would try to get your personal information online. Either way, you need to know that you should never cooperate with scammers and immediately notify about the situation to the customer service of the site you are using. 

How to avoid getting scammed

To avoid getting scammed, you first need to use a legit dating site. The more information you have about your platform, the less likely you will be scammed. Research platforms that you want to use. Look for articles, reviews, and feedback from real people. Use only dating sites that have a positive reputation among a vast number of people.

Since even the most popular and legitimate dating sites can have fake accounts and scammers, it is important to note how to distinguish a real profile from online dating scammers. First, most members who are scammers would try to get your money as fast as possible. Less experienced scammers would do it in the first hours or even minutes. The more experienced would try to get your attention and trust and scam you.

Just remember that if you are using a mail order bride service, girls are forbidden from asking male members to send them money. So, if a bride asks you to send her some cash, she is probably a scammer. Online dating platforms are designed to seek love and happiness. It is not a crowdfunding platform where people can find sponsors. If you see such an account, just notify customer services and stop chatting with that person.

Examples of mail order bride scam

Many things can happen on online dating sites, and a dating scammer list is lengthy and often rather elaborate. However, here are a few most common examples of mail order brides sites scams. 

  • Find Bride. This is just a fake site. None there is real, except for poor guys who seek serious relationships. Every female member is just a chatbot that will send you to default messages to try to get as many dollars from you as possible. And the chatbot is rather primitive, so anyone could figure out that this site is just a fake one.
  • Dream Marriage. Here, no chatbots are present. However, a lot of members here are fake. It is unknown whether some girls are real, but many profiles that we have found here are just people trying to scam you. They will try to talk with you as much as possible, and since communication here is fee-based, you will have to pay for every minute you spend with a bride. Sometimes, they just don’t respond to you, waiting to get money. It is a classic way of scamming people. 
  • BridgeOfLove. This is an example of a dating site that won’t even offer you any communication services or dating opportunities. The moment you give your credit card information, you won’t be able to use the site. However, such types of dating scams become rather obsolete as credit-card scam prevention techniques become more and more sophisticated, preventing such sites from taking your credit card information and getting all of your money.


The most important thing you should remember is to take your time when choosing a dating site. You need to select a platform that is popular and trustworthy. But even when you find a perfect site, you should be aware that some girls can be scammers. Take your time when dating and communicating. Never send money directly, and remember that trusted mail order brides websites are created to help you find true love, not rip you off. 

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