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Sexy, beautiful, and charming Asian girls have always attracted men with their unique appearance, tranquil nature, and exotism. Western men usually know how to meet these ladies, but… How much does it cost to get an oriental beauty?

The Best Dating Sites To Meet Filipino Women

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If you want to find a Filipina wife you should understand that you will have to pay quite a lot of money. Yet, you can make this sum smaller. All the ways to get a Filipino mail order bride, prices to pay to meet them, and all the procedures you will have to pass are below. Check it out!

6 reasons why you need a Filipina bride

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It is cool, of course, to talk and read articles about how amazing the Philippine mail order brides are… But, the truth is that the foreign brides’ nature and lots of positive features are usually just a game of imagination. You will never know what it is like to court a woman of another nationality if you do not know at least the traditional features of that nationality. It is the basis you can use anytime, and it is the main thing you should know not to offend a girl who has different cultural education.

Check this list of the main features of a traditional Filipina girl to see whether or not you are ready to spend some money to meet this lady!

  • Filipina brides represent the perfect mixture of nationalities. Some people say that Philippine women are the combination of Latin and Asian girls: they have dark skin, black eyes, and emotional nature, but it is “diluted” with the slim body type and thin facial lines that are traditional features of Asian people. Maybe, it is this detail that makes men obsessed with these gorgeous ladies and makes them the most popular foreign mail order brides in the world.
  • They are positive and strong. Even though these women look like fragile fairies who are flying around men having power, they have enough strength to keep the house, work, care about children, and be positive in any circumstances. It is unique to see the persons who look so feminine but who can remain tranquil, do their job, and support their partners. By the way, even taking into consideration the fact that you know this feature of Filipino ladies, you will still be surprised with it, believe us.
  • Mail order Filipino brides speak English. If it is essential for you to marry an Asian woman who speaks this language, you will find Philippine women the best girls to meet. People in the Philippines learn English at school. Of course, the level of knowledge varies, and if a lady does not like to learn new languages, she will speak only her native one.
  • They are very communicative and have agile minds. You can be sure that you will have at least a nice talk with a Filipino girl. Philippine people are talkative and friendly, and it will be easy to start a dialog with any of them, but tourists say that it is a lot easier to make contacts with female inhabitants of the islands.
  • Filipino wife are feminine and appreciate gentleman manners. It is getting harder and harder to find a girl who loves men with true male manners. For example, she will light up if you open a door before her or kneel to propose. Tiny actions like helping her carry her bags home or repairing something in her house will make a Filipino woman happy and will shake her to the core. Feeling powerful and mighty near such a lady is easy. That’s why men from all over the globe fall for these beauties even without meeting them in real life.

Filipino mail order brides cost: How Much to Pay to Get a Filipino Bride in the USA

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Let’s consider the main expenses first and then discuss them all separately. You may pay for the following things:

  • The services of a mail order bride website, if you use any, will cost you approximately $250 per six months.
  • Flights (if you are going to visit the islands) will cost you approximately $3,000 for five flights. The prices may vary.
  • Hotels (if you do not want to stay at your bride’s home) may take from your wallet around $700 for a week.
  • Additional expenses (if you need any) can be $3,000 and more.

A dating platform

It is one of the most convenient ways to communicate with foreign ladies. The Philippine mail order bride sites is not an exception. Asian girls are among the most popular women to marry. If you want to buy a Filipino bride a bit less expensive, start with a mail order bride site. We do not recommend you to choose free dating platform – there are only a few free platforms, and they usually cannot offer anything except for communication via messages. No safety measures, no additional services, no help in organization dates, or translation services. You will have to count on yourself and there is a high chance to meet a pretty little liar and scammer. A premium mail order bride site will give you everything you may need and even more, from various ways to make contacts (video chat, instant messages, calls, and so on), constant online support, to protection of your data and money.

If you choose paid sites, you will be able to choose between the ones with the credit system and the ones with subscription plans. Here is your turn to choose – again. The credit system allows you to pay only for the services you use. A subscription allows you to enjoy the unlimited number of services for an average price per month. Which system to choose is up to you.

The average price per credit is $5. The average price for a subscription may vary from $10 to $50 and higher.


The average cost of a one-way ticket is $600. Yet, you may spend less if use discounts. Additionally, the prices may vary depending on a state: for example, to fly out of Los-Angeles is cheaper than of New York.


It is an obligatory expense column in the list of any admirer of an Asian beauty – if this admirer wants to go to the islands immediately, without online communication. We will leave here the list of average prices If you are going to visit your girl after months of online communication, you will have the possibility to stay at her house if she wants to. However, the shy ladies of the Philippines may ask their partners to book a hotel, at least for the first several days, if their relationship is not as close as the women want them to be to stay in one house together.

So, to meet and greet a girl in the Philippines you can choose among the following options, depending on your financial state:

  • 2 stars (there are approximately 70 hotels available to book online) – $80 per day;
  • 3 stars (100 hotels available to book) – $160 per day;
  • 4 stars (140 hotels available to book) – $210 per day;
  • 5 stars (250 hotels available to book) – $370 per day.

Additional expenses to marry a Filipina girl

Love demands a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and mutual concessions. If you are not ready to give all that to the great Love, you will either meet the woman of your dreams after years of searching or have no chance to meet her at all.

While courting women, men usually make gifts, give them flowers, nice tiny presents, and just pay for them at a restaurant. These are the gestures of admiration, the desire to cheer up, the “true man” behavior. Women of all nations and ages appreciate such care and attention, and Western men seem to be generous, serious, strong, and stable. If you represent such kind of man, you would, probably, want to make your girl smile and feel loved and respected. If so, we will give you the list of services you may need to do it.

  1. Sending any presents and bouquets (the prices depend on the size and cost of the gift you send);
  2. Translation services (some mail order bride sites provide people with it, and the cost depends on the size of the message);
  3. Organization of a romantic date or the whole tour ($1,000+);
  4. Meeting with the parents of a woman ($300+)
  5. Marriage expenses ($3,000 and more).

Filipino mail order brides costs on an online-relationship are much less than the ones you would spend on meetings with her. It is not only profitable, but also very reasonable and comfortable to start your interaction with a mail order bride online. Women for marriage from the Philippines would gladly support the communication and become the wives of Western men, so don’t lose your chance for a successful marriage!

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