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Did you know that 2/3 of all Indian women have migrated for marriage, and that is about 300 million women in total. Some researchers note that this phenomenon is obviously understudied and there are still a lot of questions about the motivation of Indian mail order wives, their parents’ attitude toward such marriages, etc.

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Still, the fact is every single year, about 20 million women in India move to live with their husband’s family on marriage. Marriage migration is by far the largest form of migration in India and is close to universal for women in rural areas. Below, we will talk about the nature of this phenomenon and all the things that are somehow related to it, from the personal qualities of Indian mail order brides to the ways to meet them.

Where can I find Indian mail order wives?

Let us talk about Indian marriage migration in more detail. Are there the countries where Indian mail order wives are the most popular? They are Canada, the US, countries of Western Europe, Australia, etc. Of course, not all men from these countries move to Delhi or another big city, not to mention rural areas, to find an Indian woman.

They choose another, more convenient and quicker way to do it. They join best dating platforms and meet Indian girls for marriage online.

How to find the site with real Indian ladies?

Best Indian online mail order bride sites exist, that is the crucially important thing to remember. Still, that is not so easy to find them. Here are some tips to distinguish the good options from suspicious ones.

  • Make sure that there are many girls from India.
  • Make sure that women there share enough info about themselves, post real photos and videos.
  • How can you contact them? Is there an opportunity to invite someone to video chat or make a call? Consider the number of interaction services.
  • Make sure that the prices are reasonable. A good loyalty program is another reason to consider joining the site.
  • Do not ignore the Terms & Conditions page – the most interesting info you have to know about a site is always there.

If you do not want to spend too much time on this, just take a look at the top sites on BestAsianBrides.com. We have already chosen the best sites with brides from India.

Why men marry Indian brides?

Did you know that the most desired qualities for Indian men in an Indian woman aside from a caste were, in order of importance, beauty, education, influential family, accomplishments and wealth? For men, in turn, the first and foremost qualities considered were as follows: being well-settled and propertied, education and government or a decent job. Well, a foreign man has all the qualities mentioned by Indian women. But what about Indian ladies themselves? Do they meet the expectations of local men and foreign men? Below, you will find the answers.

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More educated than you thought they were

Currently, even in such a conservative Asian country as India, women play a crucial role in education, health, and economic development. The number of women graduating from the universities is constantly growing and Indian women do their best to prove that there are a lot of things, in particular, strength, dedication, charisma, deep thoughts and productive activities, to respect them for. Yes, we are not going to deny that the situation in cities is better than in small villages, but still, even Indian brides living in small villages are changing themselves and changing Indian society.

As for romantic relationships and building family with Indian mail order wives, that a huge benefit, even if a man is looking for an “obedient Asian wife.” The thing is obedience has never been the key to success and happiness in marriage, unlike the mutual respect. If you have an Indian wife, you will have the reasons to respect your spouse.

Indian women are eternal optimists

Maybe this is less important for Indian men than influential family and, of course, the caste, but a Western man may think that this very quality makes Indian brides so likable. More importantly, it makes them the best wives just because it is much more pleasant to enjoy the victory, good news, or just a beautiful day, as well as go through tough times with someone optimistic. A wife who stays calm and hopes for the best is a treasure, actually.

Indian brides are quite talkative & emotional

Do you think that this is the bad news for every man? Some people think that couples break up because of endless confrontations, quarrels, discussions, etc. At first sight, they are right, but this is just one kind of hell. Another one is when you understand that your marriage is the most exhaustingly boring thing that has ever happened in your life.

More importantly, some men face this problem when they meet very shy, silent, and obedient Asian wives. Fortunately, Indian mail order wives are the exception – they make a man’s life brighter, more vivid and colorful due to their laughter, deep conversation, and all that kind of spiritual connection people often need.

Indian women for marriage are hot

We are not going to deny that the beauty of Indian wives attracts hundreds of men. Maybe, it can be explained by the fact that a regular Indian mail order bride does not pay much attention to all those beauty trends and therefore does not look like a plastic doll. Natural beauty is a powerful weapon, and these women with gorgeous deep brown eyes, full lips, long black hair, and hot bodies do know about this.

Why do Indian brides marry foreign men?

Okay, the qualities we listed above are quite different from Indian men’s expectations. However, foreigners are just happy because there are Indian women who meet all their criteria. No wonder so many single guys join available mail order bride sites to meet an Indian wife. But why do Indian girls agree to marry them?

mail order bride india

It is no secret that today India is burdened with many social, political and economic problems. That is why lots of people consider that a financial benefit is the only thing that makes them say yes. However, the situation is more complex, so let us take a look at the things that really affect Indian girls’ motivation.

A demographic factor

In India, there are 924 women per 1000 men. So, marriage migration is also equalizing geographically imbalanced sex ratios in other countries and in India itself.

Pressure on Indian brides

If an Indian bride is a single 30+ lady, she will not only be stigmatized as an old maid but also will feel the pressure of her own family. The central driver of marriage migration in the model is the value placed on having an unmarried daughter by her parents. If parents view having an unmarried daughter as a costly, they will search hard to marry her off, covering a wider area, and will accept lower quality matches. This is another factor that makes an Indian girl think that marrying a foreigner is not only acceptable but also a desirable solution.

New values of the young generation of Indian women for marriage

Indian girls for marriage are young. Actually, the youth constitute about forty percent of the total population of India, and Indian society is facing the challenge all societies of the world face today: youth today have often been misunderstood by the elders. The truth is other values are important to these brides. Indian elders cannot accept all of them, while foreign husbands can.

Rural vs. urban

Let us be honest, in many cases, getting a foreign husband means taking it all: love, family, travels, interesting life, better living conditions, etc. This is not really surprising when we talk about India. The thing is even the domestic migration in this country is a pretty interesting phenomenon. Rural youth comes to cities and towns and is often experiencing difficulties in accommodating.

On the one hand, they get the freedom and opportunities. On the other hand, it is hard for young people, especially for Indian women to compete with urban youth with better education, manners, and language. Getting married to a foreigner is prestigious, and it automatically upgrades the social status of an Indian wife. Still, we would also like to emphasize that all this does not mean that you can choose between hundreds of single Indian brides and pick any of them – Indian women for marriage still consider feelings or, more precisely, love, to be the only reason to get married.

Getting closer to an Indian bride: Do’s & don’ts of dating an Indian woman

If you want to make one of the Indian girls say yes or at least agree to go out with you, consider these simple yet effective recommendations:

  1. Be a nice guy and earn her trust, not to deceive her, of course, but to get a bit closer.
  2. Do everything possible to show her how serious you are about her – casual relationship is not an option for Indian girls for marriage.
  3. Do not post anything about her on Facebook page – she does not want her colleagues and distant relatives to know about you in such a way.
  4. Never hug or kiss her in public. She will be shamed and stigmatized immediately.
  5. If you are not ready to start a family with an Indian girl, just leave – do not waste her time and your own as well.

Simply put, always consider and respect her values and her culture, and of course, her unique personality, and you will never go wrong.

Final thoughts

It is absolutely possible to meet Indian brides. Yes, this is a conservative country. But, you should not also underestimate it – now, it is rapidly developing and changing. In fact, now (when the country is on its way to modern values but has not reached them yet) is the best time to marry one of these unbelievably stunning women.

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