Where To Find A Mail Order Bride And How Much It Would Cost


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We live in a modern world where the understanding of marriage has changed significantly compared to previous centuries. There are services that offer Western men help in finding ladies for them for money. Traditional ways of meeting a woman might not be suitable for all men, so there are alternative ways of finding a perfect lady, namely by using dating agencies. The price depends on a guy’s financial capabilities and his desire to get an ideal bride as well as on his preferences and goals. Using international dating agencies’ services to find a soulmate is not only legitimate but also a convenient way to build a family. There are many factors that have to be taken into account when calculating the final price a Western man will have to pay, and we will present them further.

What is an average price and what it includes

To start with, the price will depend on which type of women you prefer and your future bride’s native country, as well as your choices when selecting her characteristics. If you want to buy wives online, be ready to spend from $3,000 to $15,000 including all services and costs for necessities like tickets or gifts. Women on dating websites are from different countries, and the reason they want to marry a foreigner is that there are not many local guys they like, so ladies prefer to meet gentlemen online. For a lot of Western men, it does not matter how much does a mail order bride cost because they prefer this way of marrying as it is convenient and reliable, not requiring guys to spend much time.

Point 1. Services of International Marriage Agencies

It is not a secret that if a Western guy wants to meet a foreign lady and asks professionals for help, it will cost a substantial sum of money. When asking about how much does a mail order bride cost, one can say that the more reliable the agency is, the more expensive its services will be. However, when choosing helpers in such a serious case, a man should not cut corners because he might just lose money. Agency fees include payment for communication with a potential bride, matchmaking services, gifts, messages, letters, and video chats. Usually, a man can spend from $50 to $200 monthly for a membership that includes all the mentioned benefits, depending on the agency’s status.

Point 2. Romance tour

A man who wants to spend time in his woman’s country will have to pay for tickets, accommodation, and other necessities. These trips also include excursions, transfers, and interpreters’ services, which make your stay in the bride’s country more convenient. If a man wants to bring gifts with him, it only depends on his goals and taste. The price for a romance tour is $4,000 to $7,500 because the larger the distance between you and your lady, the higher cost of tickets. For airfare, you might spend $500 or more because there are both expensive and cheaper countries. Dates in various states also have contrasting prices because, for example, a dinner at the restaurant in Ukraine will cost much less than a similar one in Thailand, $30 and $100, respectively. However, you should not spend money on everything your bride looks at because it is essential to show your bride that you don’t throw the cash around but prefer to spend it reasonably.

Concluding thoughts

As you can see, when speaking about how much does a mail order bride cost, one can not receive an exact price because many factors significantly influence the final payment. After communicating in person with a lady you have chosen to meet, both of you will make sure that your expectations are similar. In general, having a mail order bride is worth it if a man has enough money, is ready to accept the habits and customs of his lover, and knows how to find common ground with his woman. When living in a happy marriage after meeting an ideal foreign lady, any gentleman can confirm that the decision he made turned out to be a bargain that made him happy.

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