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Our goal is to help people learn about online dating, and we need creative individuals who know about mail order bride services and online dating. We are also looking for online dating sites that want to be promoted. The main purpose of our site is to promote dating platforms and share knowledge and experiences that we have about mail order bride services and dating sites.

Promotion of dating platforms

If you have a platform for online communication, here is what we can offer to you.

  • Writing materials about your services. Our teams of writers and editors ensure the high quality of the information.
  • Posting promotional offers on our social media pages.
  • Banner advertising.
  • A high-quality analysis of members that are signed up on your dating sites to ensure that their profiles are detailed and appealing.

Partnership with public pages

We want to reach as many people as possible about the effectiveness of online dating, which is why we work with social media outlets and pages to promote mail order bride services. We are interested in telling people about dating services, and social media is a potent tool. In case you find tips and guides on our platform helpful and interesting and want to partner with us, we are eager to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Right now, we are working with:

  1. Mass media
  2. Bloggers
  3. Social media public pages
  4. Websites that publish online dating content and information about mail order bride services

In case you wish to promote your dating site on our platform, feel free to contact our specialist through this link.

Partnership with creative individuals

Our main goal is to provide people with exciting and valuable information. The world of online dating is constantly developing and evolving, and it is our mission to tell you about new trends. However, we cannot keep an eye on everything, so if you believe that you are a creative person who knows about online dating, we need you! Help us improve our content and contact us through this link. If you know something about these topics, you will be helpful for us:

  1. How to build, maintain, or repair relationships online
  2. Facts, statistics, or news about online dating or mail order bride services
  3. Guides on various stages and elements of online dating such as how to start an online relationship, how to seek a wife from a different country, etc.
  4. Real-life stories and positive personal experiences regarding online dating

The posting process for your material is straightforward. First, you need to write an article on a topic that would be useful for us. Then, our editors review it and publish it if it is suitable.

We want to constantly improve the quality of our content, and we need creative people to do that. Helpful and unique content is most important for us, which is why we need your help. If you know something new or exciting, feel free to write creatively. Our only requirement is to exclude any external links.

We do not post SEO articles for link promotion or money.

However, most of you probably wonder why you should write anything for us without being compensated monetarily? Well, we have a large audience of people who are interested in online dating. Our audience includes members of dating sites and common readers alike. And it is a chance for you to promote your social media page, website, or blog. Moreover, you will be helping thousands of people across the globe find true love and happiness online. 

If you want to work with us or have some questions, contact our specialists via this link. Let us make online dating more accessible and popular. You probably know that it is a wonderful form of communication and a working option for millions of people worldwide.

Juliana Keeling
Meet the soul of our expert advice on Brideschoice.net—Juliana Keeling, dating and psychology specialist and creative writer. In addition to her professional expertise in dating and marriage of 7+ years, she has personal experience with intercultural relationships and dating on a distance with her Italian husband.