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We are the team of experts who have years of experience in the online dating area. We have overcome all the pitfalls of looking for love on the Internet ourselves. Now we have enough knowledge and practice to help you find your future bride in a heartbeat!

BridesChoice offers you a variety of websites where you can search for your soulmate almost all over the world. The ladies from Sri Lanka, Turkey, Vietnam, Armenia, Ukraine, and other countries are waiting for you! We look through lots of dating websites daily to pick only legit ones that are of high quality standards.

Of course, we can’t provide reviews for all the websites available on the Internet, but those that we post on our website have gone through a thorough check and have been rated by our team.

How we review dating sites?

When choosing a reliable website, we firstly look at 4 main criteria:

  1. Reviews and history;
  2. Safety and privacy;
  3. Pricing policy;
  4. Trustworthiness of profiles.

Reviews and history of any website

This data can be easily found online. Our experts read through tons of comments to find out if the website is reliable or not. To make sure they’re not fake, we check the website ourselves and then compare the facts.

Safety and privacy

These parameters show how the website manages users’ personal data, profile verification, and other technical issues like payment processing. It’s better to register on the website where ID (or at least email/phone) verification is required to avoid some unpleasant scenarios.

Pricing policy

It helps understand if the website is overcharging or making money on users. We look at prices on different sites and see where it’s too high compared to others. Also, you don’t have to pay for registration at a good website.

Trustworthiness of profiles

It’s harder to trace, but not impossible. We define whether the website is full of scams or most of the profiles are not verified. Usually, a “Verified” icon is shown next to the profile photo. Also, we check the ladies’ intentions, or if they’re asking you to send them money almost from the very start of the conversation.

After a good website is selected, we take a deeper look at it to see what are its main features, how do you register, what are the means of communication, and many more.

Other factors we pay attention to

Generally, we check out more than 10 different factors. The most important among them are ease of use, list of free and paid features (price lists included), success rate, and design. Their evaluation will help you make the final decision considering the platform faster and start looking for the lady of your dreams. We also pay attention at website engagement and popularity to see if many users visit a particular site on a daily basis. If they visit it regularly, it means they really like this website.

Based on all this data, we prepare a full and comprehensive image of a website. We provide its main pros and cons, give you a detailed overview and member structure and explain each step from the very registration to meeting your future bride. You can see an overall score out of 100 at the bottom of each review. This is based on the detailed research of our experts’ team.

Finally, real users can also rate any website available here. People can give a website from 1 to 5 stars at the top of the page. There’s also an average evaluation of users’ opinion below the rating option.