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Nowadays, more and more successful men prefer to look for girlfriends and potential wives online simply because it’s fast and easy. However, is it actually possible to find a wife online? Speaking about international mail order brides, perhaps the most popular girls among western men are Russian beauties. You might have already heard from your friends or co-workers who had some experience with girls from Russia that those chicks are hot, intelligent, obedient, and know how to organize the household. Well, it seems like a perfect match. But are all these things actually true and are Russian brides indeed perfect for marriage? Let’s figure this out together.

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Russian women for marriage: who are they?

hot Russian woman

Everybody knows that Russian girls are hot. In fact, even an average Russian bride who truly believes that she is ugly actually looks like a cover girl. Certainly, a stunning appearance is not the only thing that distinguishes these girls from all the others, so here are some key things that make these women special.

  • Devotion. Russian brides are faithful to their partners, so if she truly loves you, you can be a hundred percent sure that she will never cheat on you. Yet keep in mind that she expects the same from you.
  • Independence. Even though these girls are ready to dedicate their lives to their families, they still need some independence. In other words, if you ever try to control them or limit their freedom, be ready for a real atomic bomb explosion.
  • Great expectations. These brides are simply stunning, which means that they expect their partner to be just as stunning as they are. So if you are neither handsome nor super intelligent and interesting as a person, you can forget about winning her heart right now because you simply wouldn’t be interesting enough for her.
  • Pride. Russian women for marriage are proud and hard to get, so if you really want to get one, have patience and make your peace with the fact you will have to woo her for quite a long period of time.
  • Control and jealousy. Well, this one is a rather bad characteristic. After she realizes that you love her, she would try to take you under her control, so if this is something you cannot survive, then you better look for another, more obedient wife.

Well, these are the main distinctive features that make Russian mail order brides stand out among the others, so check them out once again in order to decide whether you need such a wife or not.

What do Russian brides like?

sexy girls from Russia

We have already talked about the fact that these ladies and demanding and expect a lot from you, which means that you will have to surprise them with flowers, expensive gifts, unconditional dates, romantic trips, etc. These women like fanciness and want to feel special pretty much all the time, so you have to be ready to provide them with that. So let us speak about that in detail.

Flowers and fancy gifts

Russian brides simply adore flowers, and by “flowers’ we do not mean one red rose, we mean fancy luxurious bouquets. Moreover, these girls aren’t used to waiting for a special occasion to receive bouquets, so you’ll probably have to give your sweetheart flowers at least once a week. This might seem a little bit extra, but such things simply make Russian brides feel special and loved. Certainly, flowers are not enough for Russian princesses, these women expect their husbands to give them fancy gifts for every special occasion such as anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or any other holiday.

Unexpected presents without any formal reason for giving them are appreciated by Russian girls as well.

Romantic trips

A perfect date for a Russian girl should be romantic as hell. Candlelit dinners, fancy restaurants, expensive champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries – it’s all about Russian brides. They like all these things, and in their company, you will like these fancy excesses too. If you really want to impress your Russian mail order bride, you might want to take her on a romantic trip. A week-long cruise, a romantic trip to Paris, or a weekend in Florida will simply take her breath away. These ladies love romantic men who would do literally anything for them, so planning a decent date for such a woman is going to be a challenge yet it’s totally worth it.

Do you have to be a millionaire to get such a russian wife?

Russian women for marriage

Yes and no. Certainly, a lot of Russian ladies who are looking for their prince online want to find a well-to-do and financially stable man who would be able to provide for the family. At the same time, you don’t have to be a multi-millionaire in order to be this “prince,” in fact, a regular decently-paid job will be more than enough.

Moreover, most of these brides actually want a guy with a regular job who would love them and take care of them rather than a millionaire who is always busy at work.

Key things you need to keep in mind while being in a relationship with a Russian mail order bride

Now let us take a brief look at the key things you have to take into consideration while have a relationship with Russian beauty. So here they are:

  • Russian beauties hate greedy men;
  • these girls expect love and support from you;
  • Russian women really love cuddles, kisses, and other physical expressions of love;
  • these ladies are good cooks and would try to feed you their national cuisine;
  • Russian brides adore traveling;
  • Russian ladies easily get bored of a relationship if you do not give them enough attention.

Final thoughts

In general, Russian brides seem like great marriage material. They are gorgeous, smart, caring, and simply sweet. At the same time, they can be quite demanding and needy and they would expect you to dedicate all your free time to them. So keep all of that in mind before getting into a relationship with such an interesting girl. In the end, to marry or not to marry is completely your decision.

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