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A relationship with a Chinese woman is like having a friendly conversation with a person you have known for many years. Girls from this country are kind, caring, supportive, and communicative. Online communication is highly popular in Asia, and millions of Chinese brides are looking forward to finding a nice and responsible guy from the United States, Canada, or Europe. Even though relationship with Chinese woman online is not difficult, we have prepared this article to show you what you need to know before actually communicating with Chinese brides for sale!

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Appearance of Chinese brides for marriage: What to expect?

Many guys want to be with foreign brides because they know how beautiful these girls can be. Indeed, most men who use mail order bride services want to have an attractive and hot wife. If you are interested in Chinese mail order brides, you can consider yourself a lucky guy because seeking a bride online will offer you access to hundreds of stunningly beautiful ladies. Let’s take a look at what typical Chinese women look like!

bride chinese

Petite figure

Most Asian brides you will find are going to be rather petite and fragile. Chinese girls tend to be short and slim. Such a gentle and even fragile image of Chinese women is one of the reasons why so many Western guys want to marry them.

Big eyes

The bigger the eyes of a Chinese girl, the more beautiful she looks. Some girls try to do everything possible to enlarge their eyes. Makeup and plastic surgery are very popular in China, so Chinese brides for marriage have such mesmerizing and enigmatic eyes.

Pale skin

Most girls you will find online are going to have very white and even pale skin. This trend has been popular for many centuries. The whiter one’s skin, the more aristocratic one can look. And even though nowadays one’s status is not defined by skin color, girls see it as a standard of beauty.

Character of an average Chinese mail order wife

To build a serious relationship with mail order brides from a different country, you need to know a lot. In this section, we would like to offer you a few notes on the character of an average woman from China.

  1. Calm and patient. Chinese wives don’t tend to be too emotional and expressive. They can deal with problems without being too hysterical. If they don’t like something, they will tell you that calmly and honestly.
  2. Respectful toward male authority. Women for marriage from China have a very traditional understanding of gender roles. They respect and support their husbands no matter what. Of course, it doesn’t mean that women from this country don’t care how men treat them. As long as the guy remains civil, kind, and loving, a Chinese wife will be there for him.
  3. Shy but fun. Some of you may know that Asian women are usually depicted as somehow shy and passive. While it is true, it largely depends on the location of your potential wife. Chinese ladies for marriage can be somewhat shy, but don’t expect them to be passive. If you can show them how interesting and open you are, they will make you have the best time of your life. 

Why do Chinese ladies for marriage seek foreign men online?

If you want to find Chinese wife online, you need to know why these girls want to look for foreign guys as well. While personal reasons may vary, we have a list of things that motivate Chinese mail order brides to look for foreign husbands online:

  • High competition. China is the most populated country in the world. And while there are many men in China, there are also a lot of girls who want to find the best man possible. Therefore, online dating and mail order bride services can help Chinese women looking for marriage find the right guy easier.
  • Lack of decent men. Some Chinese wives claim that they cannot find a man worthy of marrying them. Some men don’t want to take responsibility and build a family instead of looking for something casual and short-term.
  • The popularity of online relationships. Mail order bride services are very popular in China. Every year, thousands of girls look for foreign husbands as it is quick, effective, and safe.
  • Girls don’t pay for mail order bride services. Another reason why Chinese ladies for marriage seek foreign men online is that they don’t need to pay for communication.
  • The desire for new experiences. Many young and beautiful brides from this country just want to enjoy their lives and live in a country with better opportunities and conditions for life.
  • American men are more family-focused. Lastly, plenty of these women is sure that men from the United States can become better husbands than Chinese men. 

Chinese dating culture

Chine is a wonderful country with dozens of traditions and rituals that differ from Western ones. If you want to be successful with Chinese mail order bride, you should definitely take a look at this section, as here, we are going to tell you a few dating tips that will help you make a great impression on your Chinese date!

Do not rely on stereotypes

chinese brides for marriage

While it is possible to say that Chinese women share a lot of traditional values regarding marriage, it is important to note that a lot of Western men believe that Chinese girls’ continuation of family lineage and filial piety are the essential things in the world. However, modern Chinese youth seek serious relationships with the intent to find the one and only. Traditional Asian values have been slowly replaced by Western notions of love, romance, and equality.

Slow and steady wins the race

It is accepted in Chinese culture for people not to rush into relationships. Your bride would not mind lengthy dates.

If you have serious intentions and want to find a woman of your dreams, we highly recommend you to follow this advice. Make sure that you do not push your woman to things that she would not enjoy.

Be vocal about your intentions and commitments

While relationships in China are developing quite slow, it does not mean that you are forbidden from sharing your intentions with your date. If you seek a woman to start a family with, tell your date about your desires. You can be sure that she will appreciate your honesty and will trust you more!

How to find and communicate with a Chinese mail order bride?

If you wish to find a wife online, you definitely need to use dating platforms as it is the simplest and most effective way to meet and marry a Chinese mail order bride. There are dozens of prominent and highly popular portals that can help you achieve what you seek. Here are a few words about what you need to do to start using one of these sites:

  • Research available options. Selecting the right mail order bride site is exceptionally important because you need to be absolutely sure that the site that you have chosen is legitimate and valid
  • Sign up on the site and create a detailed profile. The more information you provide, the higher chances of success you will have
  • Figure out what kind of women you like. It is important to define at least a couple of features and characteristics of your future Chinese mail order bride. Appearance, background, habits, and preferences are very important
  • Be active. Send messages to girls that you find attractive and interesting. Do not be shy
  • Be consistent. Chinese women love men who keep their words
  • Be romantic. Send your date flowers and presents – most mail order bride sites have such options
  • Enjoy yourself. The main goal of online mail order bride is to make sure that you enjoy communication with real women online. If you are not satisfied with a girl or simply do not believe that you can build a relationship with her, just tell her and look for another date!

Is it easy to marry a Chinese bride?

There are many benefits from marrying a girl from China. While there are some cultural and social differences between a Western man and a Chinese woman, we can assure you that you will enjoy communication with beautiful mail order brides from China. To marry Chinese brides for sale, you do not need to spend a lot of time or money. You can easily get married in the United States – your bride just needs to apply for a K-1 visa – a special document that allows American citizens to marry foreign people.

One of the advantages of seeking relationships with Chinese women online is the fact that they know English well enough. You would rarely face a miscommunication or misunderstanding with a bride from China.

Moreover, most girls that you will find are going to dream of building a family and raising children. Thus, if you are a family-oriented man, you will be very happy with a Chinese bride!

Can you visit a Chinese girl for marriage you met online?

Of course, you can. However, first, you have to have at least a couple of online dates with her. If you have serious intentions, you need to be sure that the girl you want to visit can be the one and only. Of course, it won’t be a problem if you meet your lady and realize that she is not suitable for being your wife. However, keep in mind that while mail order bride services are rather affordable and even cheap, visiting a bride from this country will be rather expensive.

Still, if you are sure it is time to meet your girl in real life, ask her for a real-life date. Don’t try to surprise her and visit her without telling her. While it may sound romantic, it may ruin your relationships.

How serious are the intentions of Chinese wives online?

chinese mail order brides

If a Chinese girl becomes a mail order bride, she has a very serious intention to marry a man she finds. In case you are looking for a girl to spend a few dates with just for communication, you may want to look for ladies from other countries. However, if you desire to find a lady who will become your wife, you should look for a woman from China. These beauties dream of meeting a foreigner who is kind, responsible, and family-focused. If you possess these qualities, you can make a bride from this country the happiest woman on the planet.

Mail order brides China statistics: All about numbers

Let’s take a look at some statistical data regarding Chinese women for marriage. Our facts will help you make the right decisions and understand what you need to do to be successful with these ladies:

  • The number of brides. In 2020, 403 brides from China received a K-1 visa, a document needed to marry an American citizen. The number of actual mail order brides from this country is much bigger since not all couples decide to get married in the United States. Some get married in China or other countries.
  • Age differences. China is one of the countries with a big age gap between partners. Girls can be 8 years younger than their husbands, which indicates that ladies from this country have nothing against marrying older and more mature men.
  • Divorce rates. Divorce rates in China have increased over the last two decades. While at the beginning of the millennium, there were only 10% of couples ended up in a divorce, by the end of 2020, the numbers increased to 33.6%. Still, the numbers are lower than in the United States, where more than half of couples split up.

Chinese mail order bride cost: The main expenses

One of the most important things you need to know before finding a Chinese wife is how much you need to spend on the whole process. As mentioned above, online dating is usually not expensive. All you need to spend is less than $100 per month. Usually, the Chinese mail order bride cost is around $40-$80, although you can spend more on various gifts, flowers, and additional expenses.

The very idea of looking for a bride from this country online is appealing because you don’t need to spend too much. Most sites allow you to pay only for services you use, which means you can control how much money you spend. It can help you have the best time of your life with beautiful ladies without spending thousands of dollars. And even if you need to have a few dates with several girls, you can be sure that the overall cost won’t be that big.

How to buy Chinese women looking for marriage?

Lastly, if you want to know how to find a Chinese wife online, this section will help you understand everything. As we mentioned above, the process of buying a wife is straightforward. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Find a good online dating platform. Try to research your options and read as many online dating reviews as possible. There are a lot of fake and fraudulent platforms, which is why you need to be careful when choosing a site.
  2. Create an account and a detailed profile. It is a standard procedure, but you need to be extra special when filling out a profile page. Make sure that it is as detailed as it can be.
  3. Define what kind of woman you want to find. Most sites will have some sort of searching filter that can help you narrow down the number of potential brides. If you know who to find, you will find her much easier.
  4. Be active. Chinese girls for marriage can be rather shy, so you will have to take the first steps. 
  5. Have as many dates as you can. If you want to find Chinese mail order wife, you need to choose from a wide diversity of girls that can offer you different things.

As you may see, the whole process is not difficult. It only takes you a few first steps, and then you will start having the best time of your life with beautiful Chinese women for marriage!

Yes, mail order bride services are absolutely legal and ethical in China. In fact, a term to “buy a mail order bride” doesn’t mean that you actually buy a real human being. It just means that you need to spend some time and money on communication. As mentioned above, mail order bride websites are usually fee-based, so you will spend some money.

The legality of the whole process is protected by The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in the United States. This act has been recently reauthorized to include new changes. 

Successful love stories of men who married Chinese women

If you want to hear something more than statistical facts about how wonderful Chinese ladies for marriage can be, check out these stories from real life that can help you understand why you should start looking for a bride from this country right now!

chinese bride

Mark and Dayiu

I’ve always been a fan of Asian chicks. They are just so fine and sexy. However, when I met Dayiu, I saw that she is more than just a beautiful shell. She is a smart, funny, and very interesting person. We spent around two months just chatting. I have never felt so understood in my life. I fell in love with a woman who gets me, and I quickly realized that I had to do something to win her over. Fortunately, I later found out that Dayiu also fell for me, so it didn’t matter what I did.

The website that I used helped me organize a real-life date, and after just 5 days of face-to-face interaction, we decided to get married. It’s been 2 years now, and I am still learning something new about my beautiful Chinese wife.

Jake and Ju

Ju is a woman who supports me. I had a very rough time in my life, and I am glad that Ju stood beside me. Her support is what helped me recover from my problem, and I don’t think that I could have done anything without her. She is my person, and I am glad that I met her.

Nathan and ​​Xiuying

I didn’t know that I could fall in love online. But I did. And I am glad that I did because it made me the happiest man on the planet. I enjoy my time with Xi as she makes me laugh all the time. At first, we had a few language barriers, but we quickly managed to understand each other despite Xi’s poor English.


Join the world Chinese mail order brides. You would not regret spending time with these beautiful, family-oriented, and loyal women. There are millions of gorgeous brides waiting for you to write to them. Most mail order sites have useful and effective searching options that will allow you to narrow down your search and look for your perfect Chinese bride!

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