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Did you know that South Korea has been a racially homogeneous country for a really long time? Of course, it is not China where interethnic marriages were even prohibited by law, but still – international couples were rare till the 50s. The stationing of American troops has changed it all – young men met beautiful and feminine Korean brides and just could not resist them. Besides, a few centuries later, international marriages become more and more common and socially accepted, not only due to Western men who chose Korean wives but also due to migrants from Southeast Asia who married Korean girls, too.

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But what about contemporary Korea? We all know that nowadays, this is a progressive, developed and even leading country. Has the attitude towards marriages with Korean mail order wives changed? Why do foreign guys marry them? What exactly does the term ‘Korean mail order bride’ mean? Let us find out.

Korean wives – what makes them perfect?

Korean woman for marriage

Well, let us answer the question we asked before first. So is marrying foreigners trendy or stigmatized in South Korea? Let statistics speak for us.

In 2018, the number of interethnic marriages between Koreans rose 8.5% from the previous year. The interesting fact is that more than half the people who got married to a foreigner were men. Yes, they married mail order brides from other countries, in particular, from Vietnam. Still, the number of Korean women getting married to foreigners is pretty big as well, while the divorce rate is very low – according to statistics, it fell by 0.5% from a year earlier.

So, there is supply, but what about demand? Why do so many Western men want to marry Korean mail order brides? Low divorce rate does not really explain anything, so let us take a look at things that make Korean girls for marriage so likable.

Education & Korean brides

One can suppose that a person does not have to be educated to get married if that person is beautiful. This is an absolutely crazy view of life and relationship for most Korean women for marriage. These girls know that education and self-development are some of the most important things in life and they are not ready to refuse from them. In 2019, the share of Korean female students in Korean tertiary education has finally reached 44.6%. Parents care about this too, and though education in Korea is very pricey, they believe that it is worth it, so you are likely to meet a smart and witty Korean bride than just a charming lady.

Naturally beautiful and “upgraded” Korean brides

Did you know that the Korean beauty industry is on the rise, to say the least? Some even say that it targets everyone, even girls in kindergarten, and even Korean men. We do not say this is good for girls, after all, your self-esteem should not depend on anything but you and your achievements, yet we just cannot deny that beauty is super important in Korea. So yes, South Korean mail order brides look perfect.

Korean woman is more emotional than you thought she is

Yes, a regular Korean woman is very emotional, but at least you will know what she really thinks and feels. Some Western men think that this is much better than looking at a wife’s sad face without even knowing what your fault is.

Korean brides express their love

As we noted before, South Korean mail order brides express their emotions and feelings, and love is one of them. A man always knows when a Korean woman falls for him, just because she starts doing everything possible to make him happy. However, there is another important thing to mention – they will expect you to be romantic too.

Hard work is not an empty sound for Korean women

Korean brides are not those women who expect a man do all the work. They know how to work hard, in their own houses, with their children, and yes, in the office. Some may say that it is not the necessary quality for a woman in the modern world – she can choose between career and marriage and children, but a Korean wife wants to have it all.

A few more interesting facts about Korea and Korean brides

Buy a Korean bride online

No wonder Western men marry Korean women and dream about having a happy family with an Asian lady. But what about Korean mail order wives? What makes them take this step? There are a few facts you need to know about Korea to find out the answers.

Why don’t Korean girls for marriage date local guys?

Dating a Korean man may be tougher than you could think it is. Here are two main things some Korean women for marriage do not like about local guys.

Firstly, they pay too much attention to the look – even Korean mail order wives feel uncomfortable when they understand that their boyfriends or husbands spend more money on beauty products and more time in front on the mirror than a regular woman.

Secondly, some Korean men are very jealous and over-controlling. Maybe this is the part of pop-culture in Korea. Chances are this happened because of the image of a perfect guy promoted in mass media. Guys in Korea are getting nervous if a girl misses a message, to say the least. Control and jealousy often become the reasons why local couples break up.

Fear of being “sollo” in Korea

The word “sollo” in Korea is the equivalent of the word “single.” This is not just another word – this is the term used to describe a separate social group of single people. On the one hand, the number of sollos is growing – it is a kind of new subculture in Korea. On the other hand, they feel enormous social pressure even when they are with their friends – a regular Korean bride just wants to be happy with her loving a caring husband, which is a completely normal desire for a young lady.

The thing is mass media, TV, and just everything that surrounds young Koreans tells them that love is the most important thing in life. Consequently, those who fail to find love do not feel good about this. Of course, single Korean women feel this pressure and start looking for a solution. For many of them, the best solution is to join the dating websites and search for a foreign man instead of a Korean guy.

Tips to date Korean women for marriage

Is there anything special about Korean dating? Yes, there are a few things that every man dreaming of Korean women should know:

  1. No hints, no signs, no assumptions. If you like her, tell her that you want to date her. It is important for any Korean bride – she does not know if you are dating or not until you say it out loud.
  2. Remember the dates! 1st month, 1st anniversary, St. Valentine’s day – all this is very important for all Korean women for marriage.
  3. In Korea, women and men are paying together. For example, you can pay for coffee today, and a Korean girl will pay for it tomorrow. It seems fair, but you need to know that on the first date, a man pays more. This is the unwritten rule.
  4. Korean girls for marriage are not that good in making a choice, especially when it comes to food. Just take it easy and give her some time.
  5. She will ask you to hold her handbag while she is in the restroom, and that is normal.
  6. Your Korean wife will never let you meet your female friend alone, deal with it. It will not be a problem if you are with your other friends, after all, they are not as jealous as Korean guys, but still, take this into account.

Though you do not have to kill the dragon to win the heart of one of the gorgeous Korean brides – you definitely should follow the simple rules above.

Where can a man find real Korean brides?

Internet Korean bride

The first answer that comes to your mind is likely to be the right answer – the quickest and the most convenient way to meet a Korean mail order bride is to join the international platform with many potential Korean mail order wives. Some may say that all such platforms are just scams, but they do not know everything. In fact, you only need to know how to look for a good online dating site. Here are some basic tips:

  • Make sure that profiles of Korean wives are real
  • Make sure that there are no hidden costs and that prices are affordable
  • Make sure that the company will not share your data
  • Find out what services a company provides (calls, texting, video chats, etc. )

Yes, this sounds simple, but you will inevitably realize that this takes a lot of time. Please, do not sacrifice your own safety and maybe your money to save a few hours – or at least check our ranking of top Korean sites made by the team of experienced specialists.

Final thoughts

Korea has it all. We mean, literally all: friendly business environment, the best medicine, a strong economy, extremely developed industries, and even successful (or should we say insanely?) popular boy bands. This is the place where the term ‘Korean mail order bride’ means not what it used to mean to the rest of the world for a really long time. Korean mail order wives are not the poor girls who want to marry anyone who agrees to take them to a better country.

They are strong and intelligent (and beautiful, of course) women who are dreaming of a good husband. It is very emotionally difficult to be single in Korea, especially if you are a woman in your late twenties or a divorced woman in your late 30s, so many pretty ladies choose international dating sites to finally find a match. The good news is that there are some pretty good platforms, and finding a Korean bride on one of them is not that hard. You can always find the best Korean dating sites on BestAsianBrides.com. Just remember that you cannot get anything without trying, although you should do just a bit to have the chance to contact thousands of Korean singles.

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