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Romance tours Philippines is an unforgettable experience that may change your life forever. But why exactly Filipino women are so desirable among men from all over the world? The answer is simple: Philippine beauties find foreign men very attractive. More excitingly, these gorgeous women are not only beautiful and feminine, girls from the Philippines become wonderful wives and know how to fulfill every day of a man’s life with love, passion and feelings, that’s why foreigners find these ladies attractive, too.

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If you dream of meeting and dating a Filipino beauty, you should consider the Philippines dating tours that give everyone the opportunity to find a wife and start their own love story in the Philippines. So let’s take a closer look at what romantic tours to the Philippines are, how much these tours cost and what is included in their price.

What are romance tours: Philippines and romantic traveling

Philippines mail order bride

Philippines dating tours is an exclusive service provided by various dating services and agencies to help every single heart find their perfect partner wherever he is. With the help of these tours, every man will be able to meet beautiful Filipino girls who dream of a foreign man.

You can try single and group mail order bride tour. Both tours are carefully planned and organized, so you can safely choose the most suitable option for you.

During the single tour you will visit the Philippines alone, which is great for exploration of the country and ladies. After you purchase a group tour you will be offered to visit Filipino events with other foreign men to meet and communicate with beautiful Filipino girls. But if you have already found your online date from the Philippines and want to arrange a live meeting with her, mail order bride or dating service or agency will organize a wonderful trip to the home country of your lady. Therefore, romantic tours are the best option for everyone who wants to find their perfect match from the Philippines, and for those who have already found their soulmate and want to meet her in person.

What do Philippines dating tours consist of?

Mail order bride and dating services and agencies offer different rates for Philippines dating tours. The price depends both on the agency itself and on the services included in this tour. When choosing a tour, you will be able to get acquainted in detail with the offers of mail order bride and international dating services to find out which option is the most suitable and affordable for you.

In total, the price for a Philippines dating tour is around $3000-$10000. Now let’s discuss the prices for a romance tour to the Philippines to get a better idea about the amount you will have to spend and what services will be included in this price.

  • Airfare to the Philippines — the price starts from $800 dollars
  • Local transfer — approximately $100 dollars, the price depends on the class of the car you have chosen
  • Accommodation — $400-$500 dollars per week
  • Translation services — $100-$200 dollars per week, depending on the specialist and their level
  • Gifts for your date — $50-$200 dollars (the price depends on the gift and your personal preferences)
  • Excursions — $100-$200 (you can visit the real paradise on earth — Boracay or take a one day trip to Manilla, the city that never sleeps)
  • Organization of a date or a matchmaking event with Filipino beauties — $300-$400 dollars

The price of the tour may also include an extra option — you can also order the services of a personal assistant, who will be in touch with you during your trip.

What to remember when visiting the Philippines and dating local girls

The Philippines is a real paradise not only because of the beauty of the country. In this country, life is very measured and easy, the mentality of local people and their vision of the world is very positive and cheerful. People in this country are very friendly and hospitable, and they just love to meet new people. This is one of the reasons why a trip to the Philippines can make almost any person happy. You will fall in love with this country as well as with the sparkling eyes and beauty of the Filipino girls.

Philippines woman looking for men

We want to offer you checking some things you should keep in mind when traveling to the Philippines for you to not only enjoy the nature of the islands but also to successfully and easily find a girlfriend:

  • The Philippines is one of the few countries where you can stay for a very long time. There are many options for extending a visa, so you can stay in the Philippines for more than 2 years if you want to (use it to stay with your lady a little longer!)
  • You can speak English in the Philippines. In this country, you will not face the problem of language barriers, all menus and even signs are written in English, and of course, almost everyone in the Philippines is fluent in English because of the popularity of the islands among western tourists.
  • Although Filipino girls are quite conservative, they are very friendly, and you can easily talk to such a girl on the street. If you want to conquer the heart of a Filipino woman you already know or the one you just met, you should pay maximum attention to her and treat her like a real gentleman.

Your dates will be 100% successful if you are interested in a girl and if you express your intentions honestly; not all these women need marriage, and not all of them want a casual fling. Find your match and have a good time with her.

To sum up

Philippines dating tours are really worth trying. You will not only get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the Philippines, see many breathtaking views and snow-white beaches, but also meet many beautiful Filipino girls. Dancing, live music, romantic candlelight banquets with amazing Filipino beauties will definitely be like a breath of fresh air for every man.