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Today, online dating sites and services have completely replaced the old ways of dating. With these sites you can meet your perfect soul mate from anywhere in the world. But long-distance relationships, especially after long chats, video and phone calls, need to continue in real life. Therefore, nowadays, many sites offer an exclusive service — Colombian singles tour. This is not just a trip that includes sightseeing with your lady. Let’s discuss:

  • What a romance tour to meet Colombian singles is;
  • What its purpose is;
  • What is included in this trip;
  • What types of such trips exist.

The Best Dating Sites Tо Meet Colombian Women

Colombian wife tour: What it is and what to expect

One of the most exciting moments of a relationship that started online is a live date. Colombia marriage or dating tour is a journey that can change your life forever. But who can help you to organize them? It’s online dating sites that make it possible not only to search for women and chat with them but also to organize dates and meetings for their members.

Colombian girl for marriage

So, what Colombian bride tours really are?

Online dating sites provide the users with this exclusive service for the men who really want to find a wife or who just dream of dating stunning Colombian ladies in their home country. These tours are trips for men who want to see their women in Colombia or to ask these ladies to come to them. The administration of a dating site helps a man to buy tickets, book a hotel, arrange a date, prepare gifts, and so on. In general, Colombian marriage tours can be very diverse: they can be very light and romantic or can even include the preparation for marriage, everything depends on what the lovers need.

The second important question is how much do these romantic trips cost? Prices for Colombian mail order bride and dating tours depend on two factors — the first is the country you travel to and the second is the cost of services of the site. Prices for Colombian mail order bride tours start at $ 2,000 and can reach $ 10,000. Each site provides detailed information about the organization and the services included in it.

We have prepared the list of the most common services the dating sites provide for those who need the organization of Colombian wife tour:

  • Translation services. To avoid misunderstandings with your Colombian date, agencies hire an interpreter, but the good news is that almost all girls in Colombia speak fluent English.
  • Sightseeing tours. To make your trip 100% joyful, you can choose excursions, such as a day trip to Cartagena or snorkeling in fantastic Tayrona National Natural Park.
  • Local transfers.
  • Organization of a date. The lovers can choose the best place for their meeting or date, depending on the personal preferences and desires.
  • Preparing gifts for your Colombian sweetheart. Also, you can choose in advance what kind of gift you want to give your loved one during your meeting.
  • Airfare to Colombia.
  • Accommodation booking (room, apartment, villa or house.)

Useful tips for a first date with a Colombian lady

Since you can meet with your Colombian beauty, you should be aware of some Colombian dating specialties for not to fail! Colombia dating tours can give you an unforgettable experience and grant you happiness and positive emotions, but it is much easier to keep messaging or phone calls than talking eye to eye with a real person, especially if you like that person. The excitement and certain barriers are normal for the first meeting, but they can be minimized. So let’s take a look at some effective tips you should pay attention to when dating a beautiful Colombian lady to make your first date the beginning of your own love story.

  • Dancing is very loved by the people in Colombia. Seems like every day in this country is filled with dancing, music, and fun. In short, Colombia is a country of festivals and carnivals, so if you want to conquer the heart of your girl, you should learn several dance moves and ask your woman to show her passion with you on a dancefloor.
  • When dining with Colombian beauty, do not forget about table manners: your woman will highly appreciate that. Moreover, do not abuse alcohol during the first meeting, as it can make your date from Colombia feel uncomfortable.
  • Although Colombia is a developed country, almost all payments are made in cash. To avoid inconvenience, make sure you have enough cash with you, as it can be tricky to find a place where you can pay with your credit card.
  • Suit up! Take a stylish suit with you (taking into consideration the weather condition), and leave shorts and hats for a walk on the beach.
  • Take your time. People in Colombia live according to their own time, and being half an hour late is perfectly normal. Therefore, it is better to relax, enjoy every moment, and do not worry about the time in Colombia — if you aren’t in a hurry, of course.

Foreign men are very popular among Colombian women, and more and more international couples start their own love stories with the help of online dating services. So, you can follow the simple rules and take into consideration our tips, but don’t forget the basic rules — be polite, treat your Colombian date like a real gentleman and prepare a small gift, a bottle of good wine, chocolate or a small toy for her — and each of your romance tours will be successful and positive.

To sum up

The main goal of both dating sites and Colombian marriage tour is to connect two single hearts from different parts of the world. You can safely choose a girl on the site, start communicating with her, and as soon as you want to see her live, the site will provide you not only all the necessary information but will also organize a tour and will support you for the entire duration of your stay in Colombia. So don’t hesitate and find your perfect match from Colombia today!

Frequently asked questions

What are Colombian bride tours?

A Colombian bride tour is a planned event that allows you, typically with a few other men, to visit Colombia and meet single local women. These women want to marry foreign men, which is why they will be excited to meet you.

Who plans bride tours to Colombia?

Colombian bride tours are usually organized by international dating agencies. These agencies have a lot of single women in their roster and they know how to help everyone have a great time.

What is the average budget for these tours?

Your expenses will consist of two parts. The first one is the agency fee for planning the event and helping you along the way, which can cost a few thousand dollars. The second one is the cost of plane tickets, accommodations, food, etc., which can be around $3,000–4,000.

Are Colombian mail order bride tours effective?

Yes, these tours can not only let you experience a foreign culture, but also communicate with local girls in a relaxing and romantic setting, which often leads to the development of a relationship.

Are Colombian mail order bride tours safe?

They usually are, but only if you choose a reliable agency to plan your tour.