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We’ve examined lots of international romance tours for singles and elaborated a list of the best foreign brides and dates tours for you . Here, you can find a singles tour according to you preferences and wishes!

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Foreign brides romance tours are a relatively new option that appeared due to the high popularity of the mail order bride services. To put it simply, it is a tour, the main purpose of which is to meet foreign women who are interested in further communication, relationship, or even marriage. There is a common misconception about these tours, which basically consists in people confusing it with sex tourism, which romance tours are definitely not. People (usually men) who go on these trips usually have serious intentions and are actually looking for singles brides. At the same time, the women who participate in the social activities on these tours are serious about these meetings too.

This type of international trips originated in Russia, one of the most popular countries for romance tours, and nowadays it is a global phenomenon, which is extremely popular all over the world. Speaking about the most popular destinations of foreign brides romance tours, many western men prefer Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The choice of the country you are going to travel to depends on the type of girl you are looking for.

How does everything work?

As a rule, these tours are organized by marriage agencies. Usually, as men arrive in their destination country, they attend several parties and social events where they have an opportunity to meet women. Once a man meets a woman he wants to continue communication with, the agency organizes one-on-one meetings for them. If things go well, a couple gets married and a young wife moves to her husband’s country. Pretty often a couple communicates before the actual meeting via dating websites or apps. Thus, many romance tours start with one-on-one meetings rather than the parties and social events organized by the agency. Yet the agency still takes all the organizational responsibilities.

Certainly, romance tours have their cons and pros, so let us take a brief look at them.


  • the agency finds you the very candidates that will match you;
  • it’s fun and exciting to travel abroad;
  • you can learn your potential wife’s cultural traditions, national cuisine, etc.;
  • you have a vast choice of potential girlfriends to pick from;
  • these tours do not oblige you to anything serious unless you don’t want it yourself;
  • it’s safe since everything is under the agency’s control.


  • the trips might be quite expensive;
  • you will probably have to travel long distances;
  • it’s rather time-consuming.

As you can see, a romance tour seems like a great way to spend your vacation as well as a great opportunity to find the love of your life, so there is no valid reason against trying it at least once.

What is included in such a tour?

Usually, these tours are completely organized by the agency, which means that you don’t have to worry about anything. Typically, an average tour includes:

  • fright, bus, or train tickets;
  • food and accommodation;
  • excursions to the popular tourist attractions;
  • parties organized by the agency.

It’s pretty much clear that such a trip is a great opportunity for a western man to spend quality time with a girl he likes as well as to simply have fun traveling around the world. The main advantage of these trips is definitely the fact that everything is organized by the agency and you are going to be perfectly safe. Apart from that, you will also have a guide who would help you with pretty much everything while you are in a foreign country, which is particularly useful and simply great. So leave all you doubts behind and give it a shot.


Foreign brides romance tours are a fun way to spend your weekend or vacation as well as to find a gorgeous girlfriend and potential wife. Such a journey is a hundred percent safe and all you’ll have to worry about is how much fun you are going to have. So book your trip, pack your bags, and bon voyage!

Frequently asked questions

What is an Asian romance tour?

An Asian romance tour is an organized event where you, often along with a few other men, visit one of the Asian countries popular for their brides. There you get to go sightseeing, experience an exotic culture, and meet attractive women who are actively looking for a foreign husband.

Who is behind Asian beauties romance tours?

Asian romance tours are typically organized by popular dating agencies. They have hundreds of single local female members, and they rightfully believe that bringing Western men to meet those women in person will lead to the creation of new couples.

How much do these tours cost?

The romance tour itself is not very expensive: on average, it costs from $3,000 to $5,000. However, you will also need to pay for plane tickets, hotel, food, and transfer, which can cost you another $5,000 to $10,000.

How effective are Asian romance tours?

If you have the right expectations and approach those tours with confidence, you can very well meet your future girlfriend or even wife there. At the very least, you will have a lovely time exploring a foreign country and talking to beautiful foreign women.

How can I avoid possible scam?

The best advice we can give you is to only book a tour when you are confident that it’s organized by a reputable company. Don’t work with no-name agencies who seem too eager to take your money!